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A Hamiltonian Visits Calgary

Written on August 15, 2011 at 07:25, by headtothenet

special post by Hamilton correspondent, James Scarfone

We weren’t wearing watermelon hats or Eskimo green, nor were we shamelessly brandishing Swaggerville shirts. And we weren’t using the go to move of Lions fans, sporting Lui Passaglia jerseys (they still think he’s playing, I think).

We proudly displayed our black and gold. And the Calgary crowd was… indifferent towards us.

The Stampeders happened to be hosting our beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats the very same weekend we were visiting my sister in Calgary, and she was gracious enough to treat us to the game. So we went big, making no secret of our allegiances, preparing for some serious backlash.

I guess I was disappointed beer wasn’t poured on me? Have you ever seen what the crowds at Ivor Wynne do during the Labour Day Classic? Word to the wise – stay away if you have thin skin.

Hardly any verbal jabs at our expense either, other than the clever balding man two rows in front who felt the need to hit on my wife and make example of her admittedly hilarious trip going up McMahon’s K2-like incline to the nosebleeds. I concede, it was well-timed as it occurred simultaneously with a Calgary score, his response being, “Hamilton’s down!”


But that was it. Though we had virtually nothing to cheer about in the second half, we certainly made ourselves heard in the first 30 minutes.

No reprisal. No verbal comeuppance. Not even a simple “siddown!” or “shaaaddup!”

I guess Stamps fans probably felt sorry for us. We were the only Ticats fans in the entire section, and there was a sort of indifferent air about them. Totally ridiculous to me, considering our team has made the playoffs 2 years in a row! (this is big for us)

Maybe the Calgary folks, transients they may be, are just super polite football fans, and people, for that matter. But there was one random Rider fan, all in green, who showed up late to the game and received a merciless verbal pounding. So much for my theories.

We may have simply been out of our element. And so were the Cats on this day. 32-20 without a 2nd half point.

As for a child, some negative attention would have been better than none at all. The Stamps won; we were ignored. McMahon got the first and last laugh. Well played Cowtown.