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Ricky Foley – What’s Going On?

Written on September 14, 2010 at 14:24, by headtothenet


Early this morning (Tuesday), Ricky Foley gave an interview with the Team 1040, stating that he had stayed up all night considering which team to sign with – the B.C. Lions or Toronto Argonauts.  According to him, he had decided late last night to sign with the Argos, but when he talked to his father early this morning, at about 4 A.M., they agreed that he was making the wrong choice.

By the time he came on the radio at about 8 A.M., his mind was made up – he would be returning to the Lions!

But wait just one second:  as of 2:50 P.M., Lowell Ullrich reported that Foley signed a contract with the Argos.

According to the article, Foley’s agent, Paul Sheehy, has confirmed that his client is now a member of the Argonauts.

The Lions were so convinced that they had the player back that they listed him on their team roster on their website today.  And they booked a flight for him to Vancouver (which he has apparently missed).

Of course, one of the most interesting parts of this story is the fact that both teams have the same owner – David Braley – so the question is, who is on either side of the fight for Foley here?  Is Foley the indecisive one, or is it Braley?  Or maybe they both are, and when combined, this is the mess that results.

Lions’ head coach Wally Buono was on the Team 1040 today, saying, “I’ve been doing this now for a lot of years, I don’t know where I’ve ever gone through a situation that’s been back and forth as much as it was this time.”

Turns out the story does have a resolution, though unfortunate for the Lions – Ricky Foley has officially signed with the Toronto Argonauts.