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Five notes on Vancouver’s 4-2 loss to the Coyotes

Written on February 27, 2013 at 11:37, by headtothenet

The Canucks need Red Bull, stat

-by Demi Christou

Vancouver applied spurts of heavy pressure Tuesday night against the Coyotes, but spurts don’t usually win games. Phoenix earned two points with stellar goaltending, opportunistic goals and an all-around excellent road game.

Five notes on the game

1. “Who’s got Chipchura?” said nobody in a Canucks jersey… Phoenix fourth-liner, Kyle Chipchura, walked in front of Vancouver’s net unobstructed and opened the scoring near the end of the first period.

A couple of Tuesday’s goals looked like a result of some uncomfortable defensive pairings that haven’t quite figured each other out yet.

The Canucks have yet to gain a point in the standings since Bieksa’s injury last Friday. Luckily, he could be back as early as Saturday which is great news for Canucks fans.

2. Knock, knock, knockin’ on Mikey’s door: All four of Vancouver’s lines put a lot of rubber to the net on Tuesday – but big Mike Smith stood tall, stopping 29 of 31 shots. On top of the goaltending, a few unlucky bounces around Smith’s crease and some solid defense ate up the clock.

I wouldn’t go running for the hills quite yet, Canuck fans. Although Vancouver has been slumping lately, they did show sparks of heavy pressure — things will turn around soon.

3. Burrows & Twins still lookin’ good Despite the end result, Hank, Danny, and Burrows looked sharp once again. Phoenix did a great job of cutting off their cycle, but leave it to Vancouver’s top line to get creative and find other ways to score.

The other lines though… they need to pick up the slack. With the depth of Vancouver’s second, third, and fourth lines – they are due to start producing.

4. No power in the power play: For the third straight game, Vancouver has gone goalless on the power play. Kesler’s return added a spark one week ago but the Canucks looked flat-footed and awkward against Phoenix.

Vancouver had 2 power plays in Tuesday’s game and were unable to sustain any pressure on either of them.

5. Come on boys! lets… get… it… *yawn*… going… zzzzz: Tuesday was Vancouver’s first home game after a draining road trip, and it looked that way. Where the intensity level should have turned up in the third period, the Canucks looked like they’d rather be at home in bed.

The Canucks’ 13 shots in the second period were followed up by a measly seven in the third and the Coyotes cruised to a cool 4-2 victory.