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HTTN’s Vancouver Canucks Wallpaper Playoffs Edition: Round 1 – L.A. Kings

Written on April 11, 2012 at 05:04, by headtothenet

Need to schedule your life around playoff hockey? This will help

Are you ready? Let’s see…

You’re excited as hell because you watched the pump-up video we posted.

You know what to expect from the Kings because you read HTTN’s breakdown of the matchups.

Just one more thing: you need HTTN’s desktop calendar.

Sure you know game 1 is tonight. Every single person who knows a person from Vancouver knows that. But what about the scheduling quirk that sees the Canucks having a 2 day break between games 3 and 4, and a 3 day break between games 4 and 5?

Confused? Download the calendar below. It’ll set you straight.

Round 1: Canucks vs. Kings

April L.A. Wallpaper Smalldownload full-size wallpaper below

Click on the following thumbnail to enlarge and save it to your computer by right-clicking on the enlarged image.

April L.A. Canucks Wallpaper

Dave Lee-Son is a graphic designer and a big Canucks fan. He combines these two passions to bring you this desktop wallpaper.

For comments, feedback, or design inquiries, please email him at: dlee-son@shaw.ca