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HTTN Vancouver Canucks January Wallpaper – Henrik Sedin

Written on January 17, 2013 at 12:53, by headtothenet

Boycotting the NHL? You’ll need our Desktop Calendar.

If you’re a long-time HTTN reader, you know about our monthly Canucks wallpapers and how they solve everyone’s problems.

Good news: it’s FINALLY time to kick off the 2013 NHL season, and for January’s wallpaper, we bring you our NHL lockout version of the solving everyone’s problems theme.

So you’re boycotting…

Listen, we know you were hurt by the lockout and you want to get back at the NHL for doing this to you. Those billionaire jerks need to feel the repercussions for what they’ve done!

We’re here to help.

Think about this scenario: you haven’t watched hockey in months and you’ve never been happier. One night you’re channel surfing and you accidentally find yourself on the Canucks game. Click, the TV ratings go up – you’ve just added advertising revenue to the league’s wallets. Ouch.

Worse, you see the Canucks are down by a goal with 5 minutes to play and you’re tempted to watch! Look, boycotting is like breaking up. You have to go cold turkey. As soon as you make contact, emotions get involved, physical attraction gets involved (we’ve seen how you look at Bieksa), and there’s no predicting what will happen.

If you really want to boycott, you’ll need our help. You need to know exactly when the games are so you can avoid them like the plague. Enter HTTN’s January Canucks Wallpaper. Scroll down to download.

So you’re a die-hard fan…

If you’re a fan who’d never turn on hockey no matter how many times it jilted you, made you feel unwanted or hurt you, we admire your lack of pride. Way to be the bigger person (or just extreme hockey addict).

We know you already have the Canucks blanket, the signed commemorative puck, the jersey, the rear-view mirror dice, the towel, the mouse pad, the Henrik Sedin poster… (if you don’t, your collection pales in comparison to mine, and now you’re either impressed or feeling sorry for me).

Point is, the die-hard fan needs to separate him or herself from the pack these days. How? Picture this scenario:

You: “Co-worker John, you need to look at this report on my computer. Here, let me bring it up…”

John: “Whoa, where did you get that awesome Canucks Desktop?! You must be a seriously die-hard fan to have found something so awesome. And because you have it on your computer, you are awesome as well!”

You: “Yes. Yes, I am.”

Just like that, HTTN’s desktop wallpapers have proven once again to have something for everyone.

Canucks Desktop Wallpaper: January 2013

January Wallpaper Smalldownload full-size wallpaper below

Click on the following thumbnail to enlarge and save it to your computer by right-clicking on the enlarged image.

January Canucks Wallpaper

Dave Lee-Son is a graphic designer and a big Canucks fan. He combines these two passions to bring you this desktop wallpaper.

For comments, feedback, or design inquiries, please email him at: dlee-son@shaw.ca

  • Chickenhorse

    Your trying to trick me with this schedule. You want me to know when the games are on so I think about them. I can’t concentrate, can’t sleep, and wake up in cold sweats. I am onto you.