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Luongo or Schneider: Who should the Canucks go with in Game 4?

Written on April 17, 2012 at 11:35, by headtothenet

Who would you start in Wednesday’s game? Here’s who we’d choose.

It’s a big decision. Maybe more for the future of the Canucks than for Wednesday night.

Who gives the team a better chance to win? I think we can safely say they’ll both be excellent. Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider are two of the best goaltenders in the NHL, and we’ve seen each respond to pressure over and over again.

But if we’re considering the future, Luongo has to play. Here’s why.

This upcoming summer, Mike Gillis will have a big decision to make with Cory Schneider becoming a restricted free agent. Will he go with Luongo or Schneider as his starting goalie in the future years?

Most Schneider supporters say the team should start him again. It would probably make Luongo question his status on the team and encourage him to ask for a trade (he has a no-trade clause, so any trade has to have his consent).

The problem with this is it takes the decision out of Gillis’ hands.

If the the Canucks start Luongo, however, they’ll still go into the summer with both options. Come decision time, Gillis will have the option of asking Luongo to waive his no-trade clause, or he could simply trade the rights to Cory Schneider.

If you’re thinking it matters what result the team accomplishes either way, it doesn’t.

If Schneider wins, he keeps starting until the team wins the series or they get knocked out. If he loses, it’s over, and Luongo wonders why he wasn’t given the start in the team’s biggest game of the season.

If Luongo wins, he keeps starting until the team wins the series or they get knocked out. If he loses, status quo was not affected. 1A got the start, 1B did not.

One last argument in favour of Luongo: if this is his last year as a Canuck, shouldn’t he at least get the chance to deliver? Let him have a say in his own fate. Let him go out with a bang or with a whimper.

It’s only fair.

–with files from Glen Schwarzfeld

  • http://twitter.com/andrewqua Andrew Qua

    Luongo should start but Schneider will get the start