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Mic’d Up: Happy Birthday Sedin Twins

Written on September 26, 2010 at 00:25, by headtothenet

Most people think Daniel and Henrik Sedin get along like peas and carrots – how could they have any issues when both are such calm, peaceful individuals?

Not so fast! This phone call from earlier today, caught by HTTN’s hidden phone bug, tells a different story.

Daniel Calls Henrik on their Birthday


Daniel: Happy birthday Henke.

Henrik: Danny, you know I prefer to be called Hart. Please call me Hart.

Daniel: Oh god, not this again.

Henrik: Hey c’mon, it’s my birthday, it’s the least you can do.

Daniel: It’s my birthday too, you know… What do I get?

Henrik: Yeah… come back to me when you’ve won the league scoring title, we’ll talk then.

Daniel: Geez, not this again. I would’ve had the same amount of points if I hadn’t broken my foot, you know?

Henrik: Ok ok little bro, you know I’m just kidding, right?

Daniel: Good.

Henrik: Yeah… come back when you have a scoring title and MVP trophy in your name.

Daniel: Man, I hope they don’t make you captain, your head will explode.

Henrik: You better believe it, little bro. I’m going to be the boss in the dressing room. Then you’ll have to call me Hart when I tell you to!

Daniel: Henke, everyone knows I’m the finisher and you’re the set-up man.

Henrik: Wait a second, what position do you play? That’s right: you’re just a wingman. I’m the show.

Daniel: It’s winger, Henrik.

Henrik: Same diff, little bro.  Anyways, I should stop. I wouldn’t want to upset you on my birthday…  see you at the skate in half an hour?

Daniel: Yeah… see you there.

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