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NHL Lockout: Grabner and the players want what’s “fair”

Written on October 26, 2012 at 16:57, by headtothenet

But the owners have the power. Players need to realize this and find the best deal available

Today, Michael Grabner published this blog post which gave good insight into the players’ point of view in the NHL lockout.

An excerpt:

The players before us took many stands that have benefited everyone playing in the NHL today and we are committed to reaching a deal that we believe in is fair; I don’t think that is ”greed”.

The post wasn’t necessary, though. Everyone knows the players want a “fair” deal, and it seems most of the public is on their side. The billionaire owners want more money than they already have! It’s not fair!

We know. But life’s not fair, right?

The problem with Grabner’s entire premise is it fails to acknowledge reality. Fact is, the owners are the ones paying the bills (and paycheques) and as such, they hold more power in this situation. So, fair or not fair, eventually the players have to agree to a deal that makes the owners happy because the owners are not the ones desperate for money.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying the players should bend over and accept whatever the owners force upon them. What I’m saying is the players need to at least make the owners feel like they’ve won.

Really, the two sides are not that far off. Both have agreed to a 50-50 HRR split now. The big sticking point is now on honouring current contracts. The owners want this to happen through the NHLPA’s future share of HRR, and the players want the opposite.

Here’s the solution that everyone outside of the NHLPA can plainly see: players, ask for the owners to honour your contracts, but do it by negotiating off the NHL’s offer sheet. Stop trying to submit your own!

In the end, the side that provides the offer sheet that states the basic framework of the new CBA will feel like the winner in all of this.

Mr. Grabner, if the players really want to play, this is the key. Give the owners this sense of winning, and you’ll be back on the ice in no time.