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The Sedins will be fine. They already are.

Written on March 13, 2012 at 11:33, by headtothenet

Breaking the myth of the “slump”

Canucks fans had a lot to say in response to my post on Saturday’s loss.

“You didn’t touch on the most concerning thing. It’s never taken the Sedins this long to snap out of a slump.”

In the post about the Canadiens game, I mentioned Alex Edler’s dismal effort. I could have mentioned Roberto Luongo’s sub-par game too. As for the Sedins, I didn’t have much to say. Why? Their problem is on the stats sheet, not the ice.

Are they in a slump? Undeniably. You can’t argue with the fact they have managed 1 point between them in 8 games. “They’re playing badly” is great analysis — if you’re a Toronto reporter who only manages to catch one Canucks’ game every week.

Canucks fans should see more

Those who watch every single shift of every single game should be more educated.

As Vancouverites who don’t watch every Flames game, we can say, “Wow, Curtis Glencross is playing well. He’s on a 7-game goal-scoring streak!”

But we miss details like the fact that Carey Price cleared the puck right onto Glencross’s stick 2 games ago to continue the streak. A fortunate bounce. The Sedins’ bounces lately? All bad.

When examining a slump, look at how the individual is playing. Is he generating chances? Is he working hard? Is he making the right plays and getting unlucky around the net?

Alex Edler is none of the above. He played horribly against the Canadiens and has been MIA lately. That minus-2 next to his name on Saturday’s score sheet is a result of his play.

The Sedins – aside from the third period nap taken by the entire Canucks squad on Saturday – have been playing well lately.

Breaking it down

Against the Canadiens, Henrik led the team with 4 hits. Two days earlier against the Jets, Daniel took 7 shots (4 hit the net). In the game before, against the Stars, they had 8 shots between them.

Point is, they have been playing better. The effort has been there, the chances have been there — they just haven’t been breaking through. As Glencross had a stroke of good luck on that free goal, the Sedins have had only bad luck lately.

Sorry to ruin the storylines, but the Sedins are not over the hill; they’re not slowing down. They’re working hard and the stats will follow.