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Tim Thomas: “See why hockey’t just not that important right now?”

Written on June 2, 2012 at 18:15, by headtothenet

Bruins’ goalie enlightens us on the frivolity of hockey

When the news came out that Tim Thomas is considering take next year off hockey, I wondered what he was thinking. If he’s not going to play again, why not just retire and avoid screwing over the Bruins?

According to this report in the Globe and Mail, not even Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli was quite sure of his reasoning, saying this:

“The reason why, I’m not exactly sure. But he did give some reasons regarding family.”

After reading the article, I thought Thomas might be trying to hold off on retirement so he could play in the 2014 Olympics, while managing a year off on the way.

Turns out we’re all wrong. On Saturday, Thomas posted this on Facebook (and promptly deleted it):

Tim Thomas tweet

You can read the article he tweeted here. Its title:

Former Hedge Funder’s Fearful Forecast: We‘re Looking at ’The Biggest Economic Shock the World Has Ever Seen’ & There’s Nothing We Can Do to Stop It

Turns out Thomas is really really concerned about the state of the world’s economy!

If you want to be freaked out more than you’ve ever been before, you should read the article and view the slideshow. Here are a couple of the slides:

Larsson and EllenIt’s the eye of the storm, obvi.

Slide 281

So now we see… Thomas is taking the next 6 months to make enough money to offset future losses. After that he’ll put on his tin helmet and hide (which tells us more about his mental state).

Note: thanks to @MarcBertrand for capturing the screenshot of Thomas’ post