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Vancouver Canucks: Cory Schneider Rumours… Again

Written on September 19, 2011 at 03:57, by headtothenet

Yesterday, Andy Strickland wrote a post stating that trade rumours regarding Cory Schneider are surfacing again. It made me remember what Canucks GM Mike Gillis said in his post-season press conference:

“I really like Cory Schneider. I like having him on our team. If something comes our way that’s going to help our team improve, we’ll take it. If it doesn’t, he’s going to be here.”

Right… not terribly enlightening, but then again neither was Strickland’s article. After all, hockey brains have been throwing out possible destinations for the Canucks backup for over a year now. Yet nothing.

In his article, Strickland writes:

“You can argue Schneider’s value may never be higher than what it is today.”

Yes, maybe you could argue it, but I’d argue that such an argument would be wrong.

Think about this: as the NHL’s trade deadline approaches and 2 or 3 teams battling for playoff spots are suffering from inconsistent goaltending, the bidding war will ensue. Schneider’s value will be even higher than it is today.

If he’s going to make a move at all, Gillis will wait until someone becomes desperate. No general manager’s jobs are on the line just yet, but just wait until a team gets off to a bad start. The fun will ensue.

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