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Vancouver Canucks: Three quick notes from the Maple Leafs game

Written on February 19, 2012 at 09:16, by headtothenet

Even Brian Burke has nothing to say after this pummeling.

-written by Shane Koka and Omar Rawji

Vancouverites took in one of their favorite yearly traditions Saturday: the Annual Maple Leafs Thrashing at Rogers Arena.

This edition did not disappoint and the Canucks dominated every portion of the ice. The goals were spectacular and Vancouver dismantled a team desperate for points.

Here are our three quick notes on the game.

1. Closers get closer

This season the Canucks are 24-0 when leading after the second period. With Saturday’s win, the perfect closers are 1 point behind the Rangers and 2 points from Detroit for first place in the NHL.


Sunday schedule: The Canucks are playing the Oilers; the Red Wings are playing the Sharks; the Rangers are playing the Blue Jackets.

2. Manny’s life lessons

Manny’s life lesson #1: If you don’t score a lot, when you do, make it a 10.

Manny Malhotra believes in quality over quantity. It may hurt the lifetime stats, but if you score 100 crappy times, is it really worth it? No. Be like Manny: go for the 10.

Manny’s 6th goal of the year (a perfect 10):

3. What were you saying about the Sedins?

The Sedins had fallen to 7th and 13th in the NHL scoring race before Saturday, and they hadn’t been dominating the scoreboard as they normally do. Luckily Vancouver has been winning so we were saved from moronic comments about how they’ve lost a step or aren’t clutch.

To shut everyone up, the Sedins had their 2nd most prolific night ever, scoring 8 points between them. Of course, they did it against the most valuable team in the NHL in a game the entire country was watching. Not clutch? They’re right back in the scoring race.

Scoring Race

The Canucks are playing the Oilers tonight – the team against which they had their legendary 9 point night in 2007. Repeat performance, anyone?