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Vancouver Canucks: Three quick notes from the Sabres game

Written on March 4, 2012 at 11:12, by headtothenet

Cole Bieksa is a TV star.

It was a 4-2 loss for the Canucks, but it was a damn exciting game. There were almost too many story lines:

– Coho vs. Zackattack.
– Miller vs. Luongo.
– Sulzer vs. Gragnani (big storyline here).
– Weekes vs. looking presentable.
– Weekes vs. being useful (OK enough Weekes bashing).
– Lohan vs. Alcohol (SNL between periods).
– Cole Bieksa vs. whoever stole his ball (see note #3 below).

Point is, it was a great Saturday night. Here are my three notes on the game.

1. Was it Luongo’s fault?

Roberto Luongo was pulled after allowing 3 early goals and he took heat from many fans. Was it his fault? Were they bad goals? Let’s see.

Goal 1:

Analysis: Leino semi-whiffed on his slap shot resulting in a change up that fooled Luongo. It happens.

Verdict: Yes, it was a weak goal. Luongo’s fault.

Goal 2:

Analysis: You may have to watch it twice to see it, but Kevin Bieksa was covering Ville Leino slash not covering him at all. Leino skated right by Bieksa to pick up and deposit the rebound into the empty net.

Verdict: Luongo made the first save, Bieksa should’ve either cleared the rebound or prevented Leino from getting it. Meaning he should’ve played defense. Not Luongo’s fault.

Goal 3:

Analysis: First, this was bad defense all around. What the hell did Aaron Rome do with the puck behind the net? Unfortunately, the referee blocks the camera at the critical point, but we can clearly see Rome turned it over. Then there’s the goal — shot so perfectly that no one knew it was even in the net until it was finally reviewed 5 minutes later.

Verdict: Bad defense. Great shot. Not Luongo’s fault.

Three goals, only one of which was Luongo’s fault. Should he have been pulled? Often pulling a goalie is a wake-up call to a team, and it looked like it worked, so sure, why not.

2. Hodgson’s doing well


Cody Hodgson has not yet scored a point in Buffalo, but he is plus-3 and the team is 3-0 with him.

He’s averaging 17:02 of ice time playing on the second line — a huge jump from the 12:43 he averaged in Vancouver.

It might be tough for Canucks fans to understand, but besides losing a great chance to hoist the Stanley Cup this year, he’s in a much better situation for himself now. He’s happy with his playing time and he’ll develop faster.

HTTN has supports the @AndyTweets17 hashtag: #SwimFreeCoho.

3. Enough analysis. Watch this and enjoy.

Had your fill of stats for now? One of the highlights of Saturday’s game didn’t happen during the game at all. Kevin Bieksa was on After Hours and he rocked it.

Tip #1: Go to the 5:30 mark to see Cole Bieksa. I have to admit, it’s a cute moment. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

Tip #2: Cover the left side of the screen with your hand. I don’t know what it is. Poindexter, tea cozy, my mom’s curtains from the 60’s… not really sure.

Tip #3: That tea cozy provides an annoying laugh track. If I wanted that, I’d watch Two and a Half Men. I guess the advice here is not to watch that crappy show.