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Vancouver Canucks: Three quick notes on the Avalanche game

Written on February 4, 2012 at 21:44, by headtothenet

What’s the opposite of Red Bull? The Canucks are drinking it.

Here’s the situation: the Canucks barely showed up for Saturday’s game against the Avalanche. They were outshot 30-17 in the first 2 periods and were down 2-1. Yet, by some miracle, or because of their overwhelming skill, the Canucks forced overtime and won 3-2 in the shootout.

Here are our three quick notes from the game:

1. They need to earn their days off

Free Pass

There were some good reasons for fans to give the Canucks a free pass against the Avalanche: the early 12 o’clock start, playing a non-playoff team, the altitude adjustment in Denver… see, they’re all valid.

But the Canucks have not earned any freebies from their fans recently.

In the past week, they were flat in both the Blackhawks and Red Wings games, which makes no sense, considering how big those games were.

On Tuesday, they’re playing the Predators — yet another potential snore-fest. But it better not be another off-night. For their fans and for themselves, the Canucks better show up.

2. AV renders forwards impotent


Some Canucks forwards did show effort in the first two periods: Ryan Kesler, Alex Burrows, David Booth, Cody Hodgson. Now if you’re mixing up your lines to score a goal in the third period, what do you do?

Here’s what Alain Vigneault did:


Yeah… that’s not what I would have done. It’s about as random as it gets and it makes no sense.

3. Thankfully, there is fighting


There was one memorable moment in the first 2 periods: Byron Bitz’ fight against Cody McLeod. If not for those rousing 30 seconds, Canucks fans may actually have fallen into a never-ending coma.

The two talked before the face off and dropped the gloves as soon as the puck was dropped. It was as “staged” as it gets. Yet everyone except for the anti-fighting lobbyists loved it.

But of course, the loudest people are the ones in the minority.

  • Warren24365

    Claude Julien said it best “the Canucks are smarter than us…..”