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Vancouver Canucks: Three quick notes on the Flames game

Written on February 12, 2012 at 01:02, by headtothenet

The Flames beat the Canucks twice in a row. Time to panic?

-written by Shane Koka and Omar Rawji

No, it’s not time to panic. The Canucks actually dominated Saturday’s game — shots: 31-18. Mikka Kiprusoff and his goalposts unfortunately dominated the Canucks.

The Flames’ win made Brent Sutter smile on After Hours, finally providing an answer to the age-old question, “Is Brent Sutter capable of smiling?”

So there’s a positive. What else came of the game? Read our three quick notes to see.

1. Here’s news: Burr is good with the Sedins

Burrows Sedins

The Byron Bitz + Sedins experiment actually did not fail, but when the Canucks needed a goal in the third period, Burrows and the twins were reunited. They didn’t score, but boy did they have some dominating shifts down the stretch.

It shows that while the Sedins can be good with pretty much anyone, they’re better with the guy who has proven he belongs on their line.

Know who else is good despite his linemates? Cody Hodgson. He scored a goal playing on a line with Mike Duco just to prove it. And that injustice is an entirely separate post.

2. 3-on-3 rocks

Arcade Hockey

During overtime, Jay Bouwmeester was called for holding and Daniel Sedin was called for tripping 8 seconds later. The result was nearly 2 minutes of 3-on-3 hockey.

It was a revelation. Remember all those times the league has considered an overtime consisting of 5 minutes of 4-on-4 followed by 5 minutes of 3-on-3? They should consider it harder.

Now to figure out how we’re going to make this happen… I know: everyone tweet Brendan Shanahan — @NHLShanahan — at once. And… go!

3. Hrudey had a perm

Hrudey Perm

CBC showed this picture Kelly Hrudey on After Hours.

I’ll leave the judgement up to you. If you HTTN readers want to pressure Hrudey to return to the perm, you can all tweet @KellyHrudey at once as well. And… go!

  • The Aly

    YEA puttt burr back on with the sedins i need some points for my hockey pool…. i think the more suprising thing is that kelly hrudey is spelled with and H and we should all pronounce it kelly haaarudey … and now to eat some cool waahip u mean cool wip no no i mean cool waaahip