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Vancouver Canucks: Welcome Letter To New Players

Written on July 12, 2011 at 08:17, by headtothenet

On Monday, Pass It To Bulis wrote a post revealing some of new-Canuck Mike Duco’s past tweets. The revelation being that Duco was not such a fan of the Sedins or the Canucks while they made their near-Cup run.

HTTN researchers have found out that the Canucks PR staff does actually contact each new player immediately upon acquisition to brief them on what to expect, and we managed to intercept the letter to Mike Duco. (which is probably why he didn’t delete those tweets)

Canucks PR Staff Welcomes Mike Duco


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  • Alemming

    I know the press is going to complain until the cows come home about the tight lips of the Canucks when it comes to the press, but I think they’re more interested in just connecting with fans than having anything to do with a bunch of controversy-hungry hyperbole-seeking ***holes from the press.