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Know more about Kassian NOW

Written on February 27, 2012 at 14:44, by headtothenet

Mike Gillis has done the unthinkable — he traded his first-ever 1st round draft pick, Cody Hodgson, to the Buffalo Sabres for Zack Kassian.

First thought we all had: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Second thought: What are Kassian’s stats? They better be good!

Zack Kassian’s 2011-12 NHL statistics:
Kassian Stats


Cody Hodgson’s 2011-12 NHL statistics:

No comparison, really.

Do notice Kassian has played only 27 NHL games (no playoff games) to Hodgson’s 83 (including 12 playoff games). Kassian’s average ice time this season is 11:55, while Hodgson’s is nearly a minute more at 12:43.

Also, Kassian averaged 0:51 per game on the power play, while Hodgson was at 1:50.

Before jumping off a bridge, Canucks fans, realize Hodgson is much further along in his development. He’s a year older and has played 3 times as many games. We don’t yet know what Kassian will bring, but the experts say he’s full of grit.

He’s been compared to Milan Lucic and Todd Bertuzzi. Not bad…

Plus he looks pretty bad-ass:


One thing’s for sure, if Brad Marchand or anyone else tries the old punching-bag move on a Sedin during this year’s playoff run, 2012’s gooned-up version of the Canucks won’t stand for it.

What about Gragnani?

Hey, the Canucks also received a young defenseman in Marc-Andre Gragnani by giving up press-box warmer Alexander Sulzer.

Marc-Andre Gragnani’s 2011-12 statistics:

Here’s something cool: Gragnani is plus-10. Next highest plus/minus on the Sabres? Tyler Ennis at plus-3.

He also plays an average of 2:41 on the power play — second highest among Sabres defensemen.

This is making me feel a little bit better about losing the Salmon.

  • http://twitter.com/Phileo99 Phileo

    I am utterly Shocked to see MG allowed the Sabres to commit highway robbery here! Kassian is a 3rd line grinder, Hodgson was CHL player of the year, and is 1st line centreman, potential captain and franchise player !!  How is this not mortgaging the future? With CoHo, you know what you’ve got, with Kassian, you’re rolling the dice on someone who could turn out to be a Bernier!!
    The only way this could be a win for MG is if the Canucks win it all this year.  Any other scenario and it is a trade bust for MG

  • http://twitter.com/MIDI_Olav Olav

    you have Hodgson’s stats up where Gragnani’s should be.

  • http://twitter.com/darthchilli Will Chack

    Grangnani looked pretty good beside the hoff. lol

  • Anonymous

    Fixed. Thanks

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